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Glass Foundry recycled glass giftware

The Glass Foundry

Salt Spring is known for its artists and artisans. One of the closest artists’ workshops to Hastings House is the Glass Foundry, nestled among West Coast fir and ferns on a farming acreage.


The first thing you’ll notice when arriving at the Glass Foundry is the stunning array of vintage telephone pole insulator caps on display in front of the studio. The greens and blues of the round caps all lined up are part art installation and part historical museum piece. If you’re interested, through the side door there is a more curated exploration of their production and use!


Between 10:00am and 5:00pm, you can just walk into the studio to the chimes of a doorbell and view the vast array of glass creations. Deep blue sea stars, seahorses, and oyster shells make great souvenirs of your time in the Salish Sea, as do the more whimsical banana slugs. We are proud to carry some of the Glass Foundry’s recycled glass giftware in the giftshop at Hastings House Reception. Browsing at the studio itself, you’ll also find unique art pieces, such as vases and display bowls. If you’re lucky, you may see glass blowing in progress in the workshop just behind the store.


During the summer, and by special request, both adults and young people can participate in workshops and create earrings, pendants, or small decorative bowls.  You’ll find the Glass Foundry on Upper Ganges Road just a five-minute drive from the Hotel on a bend in the road past Laughing Daughters Bakery.

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