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Explore Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Salt Spring Island is located in the Salish Sea between mainland British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver Island. It is the largest, most populous, and most frequently visited of the Southern Gulf Islands.

With a resident population of approximately 11,000 people, the island has grown to be somewhat of an artists’ colony, and many fine artists of various disciplines with significant international reputations have made their homes on Salt Spring.

Art gallery tours and visits to the local wineries are very popular among visitors, as are visits to various other artisans, organic farms, and the fine, local goat cheese company.

The open-air Saturday market at Centennial Park is ever-growing and always enjoyable, attracting visitors by the thousands who come to purchase fresh organic produce, local works of art, natural cosmetics, or just enjoy an al fresco meal in the park from a wide variety of vendors.

There is an abundance of natural beauty throughout the island with breath-taking panoramas from many vantage points. Ruckle Park and Mount Maxwell are among the many favourite walking, trekking, and cycling destinations. For our recommendations on hikes and walks, please visit our blog!

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Things to do on Salt Spring Island

From arts and culture, to nature food and culinary experiences, there are many things to do on Salt Spring Island

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Shopping on Salt Spring Island

From gifts to galleries, jewelry to clothing, find your unique treasures in the many shopping experiences on Salt Spring Island


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About Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is the largest (70 square miles or 180 square kilometres), most populated (11,000) and, some might say most popular, of the Southern Gulf Islands

About Salt Spring Island
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