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Inspired by the property’s long history as a working farm, environmentally friendly activities are second-nature to the unique character of Hastings House and a fundamental aspect of its spirit of place.

As such, we are committed to operating as sustainably as possible. Everything we do, from food production to gift items to the details in our guest rooms, is approached with responsible practises in mind.

Waste Minimization 

All this is done with a close eye on waste minimization. Surplus fruit from our heritage orchard is used in preserves that are served at the hotel’s breakfast tables and offered as gift items. Herbs grown in our gardens have been dried and used to infuse oils, and a new farm stand offers excess produce for sale to the community. Even our in-room bouquets, picked freshly for each room, are carefully planned and picked according to seasonal changes. We approach our energy consumption with a similar eye to waste minimization, employing LED lighting property-wide.

Organic Gardens

Part of our 22 acres has been devoted to growing organic, non-GMO fruit and vegetables, avoiding all herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. During the growing season, the gardens generate up to 75% of the produce used in our dining rooms, reducing transportation and our carbon footprint. Products that cannot be home-grown are sourced from local farmers and producers, with meat coming mostly from the island itself. Salt Spring Island lamb from Ruckle Farm is recognized for its quality while duck, chicken and quail’s eggs are also produced nearby. We are proud to offer Salt Spring Island Cheese Company, Bullock Lake Farm, Salt Spring Island Ales, Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca, Garry Oaks Estate Winery, Salt Spring Vineyards and Salt Spring Wild Cider, among other locally-foraged blackberries and mushrooms. The remainder of the property benefits from responsible land stewardship that enhances the natural ecosystem and old-growth forests.


As an island hotel, water resources are a primary concern. Our irrigation needs are supplemented through a series of onsite water catchments and the property’s original well and rely on smart technology that syncs with real-time weather. Our water is filtered through a highly effective system to ensure absolutely safe, clean water for drinking and to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. All water units throughout the property are low-flow to ensure maximum water conservation and guests are encouraged to be mindful of their consumption.

Local Sourcing 

Hastings House pursues a strict policy of local-first. In addition to food and beverage items, we are proud to support the artists and artisans in our community. This includes the toiletry items from Salt Spring Soapworks, turndown gifts from Sunset Farm and Harlan’s Fine Chocolates, and retail items from Jill Louise Campbell Art Gallery, Sacred Mountain Lavender, and Salt Spring Island Sea Salt.


Responsibly managing our environmental impact means we are committed to recycling all possible materials including plastic, metal, cardboard, and glass. Our onsite composting system breaks down organic waste for reuse in our gardens. Likewise, our Nespresso coffee pods are made from aluminum which can be infinitely recycled, requiring up to 95% less energy than needed to produce primary metals.

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