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Baby lambs at Hastings House

Baby Lambs at Hastings House

This month, we welcomed six baby lambs to our flock in the front pasture at Hastings House. They add an extra element of wonder and magic to the property, and to your stay in the country.

Just prior to their birth on April 1st, we sheared the mama sheep. According to the lore of Salt Spring sheep farmers, this encourages the mothers to snuggle and keep the babies warm in the cooler weather we have had this April.

And in addition to the baby lambs, on the first Friday in May, we are welcoming baby Pekin ducklings to our pond.

Pekin ducks are a multi-purpose breed, meaning they have traditionally been raised for both egg and meat production. Gentle, inquisitive, and, in some cases, affectionate, Pekin ducks are frequently used as laying ducks and as popular farm pets.

Both the lambs and the ducks are part of a long tradition on this land, and are very much in the spirit of the original turn-of-the-century farm and later the Hastings’ Estate.

We welcome guests to stroll the grounds, connect with our gardens team, and soak in all of the richness of country life.

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