Resort Salt Spring Island



Salt Glow

An invigorating salt glow is used to provide a full body exfoliation to help address a range of conditions on the skin. Created with fresh pacific Seaweed and pure Green Tea.
Benefits: Removes accumulated dry/dead skin cells, promotes new cell growth and stimulate circulation. Active ingredients help to dislodge excess fluid and toxins while replenishing essential minerals and address uneven skin tone and texture.

*not an RMT Massage

45 minutes $95

Marine Body Wrap

Marine Body Wrap is an ocean-based treatment full of active seaweeds to penetrate skin for the ultimate experience in purifying, firming & stimulating the body. Our specialized marine extracts offer a wave of minerals, amino acids and trace minerals to hydrate and repair skin, increase circulation and refine texture.

The Lavender Mango Wrap nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin with exceptional smoothing properties to promote inner calm and relieve stress from mind & body.
A relaxing steam and warm shower complete this treatment.

*not an RMT Massage

90 minutes $140

Ocean Elements

Adding ocean elements with thalassotherapy to your massage increases the feeling of balance, peacefulness, calmness and true well-being. Your body will be re-mineralized with sea salt, glacial clay and raw seaweeds that promote detoxification, development and regeneration of skin cells, all the while increasing the sensations of relaxation by calming your body’s rhythms.

This treatment is a laying of ocean elements allowing absorption of important vitamins and minerals in a chelated form, using whole raw seaweeds, ocean water and ocean minerals over the body.

15 minutes $60